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Sailing Charters and Boat Tours in San Diego

Pacifica Sailing Charters San Diego

Sailboat Sightseeing Tour San Diego

Sailboat Sightseeing Tour San Diego

Pacifica Sailing Charters is a San Diego

Pacifica Sailing Charters is a San Diego, California based full service Yacht Cgarter company dedicated to providing you and your guests with an outstanding yacht for your specific needs and experience. Our captains at Pacifica Sailing Charters are native San Diego sailors and few true boat and yacht enthusiasts. From the weekend warrior, to the adventure seeking visitor from out of town, the staff at Pacifica Sailing Charters understands that providing you and your guests with the "Best Value" is important.

We at Pacifica Sailing Charters believe sailing is an experience that can make you feel more alive. and take a way the stress from your everyday hustle bustle. We're local and have held residence in San Diego since 1963. We pride ourselves in sharing with you and your guests the gift of sailing with others and we do this every time we step onboard our yachts.

Our Captains and Crew share our love of the sea, and philosophy of sailing. Pacifica Sailing Charters take pride in offering you the best sailing experience in San Diego and regularly participate in sailing regattas and charities, which is what sets Pacifica Sailing Charters apart from other sailing companies in town.

Pacifica Sailing Charters offers sailing and racing charters.  Our yachts are available either bareboat or skippered in San Diego.  Sail with one of our skippers/coaches and benefit from having a built-in tour guide who can help you advance your skills, while taking in the sites and adventure of San Diego and the local coastline. Our racing charters include boats from 37 to 82 feet, and we can assist in securing a yacht that's right for you and your guests.

Pacifica Sailing Charters offers a wide variety of sailboats and powered yachts for charter ranging from a 32' Catamaran to 82 feet. Whether you want to cruise one of San Diego’s bays for the day, catch a beautiful San Diego sunset, or take a booze cruise around the bay with friends and family on a luxurious yacht, Pacifica Sailing Charters is sure to have the boat you are looking for. We offer plenty of sailing experiences on a similar sizes vessel for bareboat charters as well. Don’t know how to sail? Ask us about hiring a captain to take you out!

With trip sizes ranging from 6 passengers, up to 48 passengers, a tour with Pacifica Sailing Charters is very personal and informative. We provide sailboat tours with a knowledgeable and interactive captain. Let us show you the sights around San Diego including Harbor Island, Marine Mammal Training Facility, Airport, Downtown Architecture, Maritime Museum, USS Midway, Coronado, North Island, Bait Barge with all the local wildlife, and the sub base and Ballast Point ending with a sunset just off Point Loma. Drinks and snacks are offered free of charge.

Our Sailboat Tours and Yacht Charters include:

Harbor Island
Marine Mammal Training Facility
Downtown Architecture
Maritime Museum
USS Midway
North Island
Bait Barge with all the local wildlife
Sub base
Ballast Point
Point Loma Lighthouse

With trip sizes from 6 to 48 passengers, any tour with Pacifica Sailing Charters is very personal and enjoyable.

Pacifica Sailing Charters offers private sailing cruises for groups of 6 guests up to 48 guests, and includes in San Diego Bay, day sailing cruises, sunset sailing tours, wedding proposal sailing tours, bachelorette parties, special occasions for family and friends, wildlife photo tours, Birthday parties, romantic tours for couples. Sail through Maritime museum, Midway museum, Downtown San Diego, Coronado bridge or head out to open water! 

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